Tutorial: How to use Miraglo with DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 for glowing skin

Exfoliating regularly helps your skin care products work better.
Learn how to pair Miraglo with DR's Secret Cleanser 1 for safe and easy exfoliation.

How to use Miraglo step 1


Rinse Miraglo Face before use.

How to use Miraglo Step 2


Spread cleanser foam over the entire face.

How to use Miraglo Step 3


Massage gently with Miraglo Face in circular or upward-lifting strokes.

How to use Miraglo Step 4


Rinse face thoroughly. Follow with your normal skin care routine.

Suggested Routine: Use 2 to 3 times a week for normal or oily skin and 1 to 2 times monthly for sensitive skin

Caring for Miraglo

Caring for Miraglo

  • Hand wash gently with mild detergent and rinse well after use.

  • Hang to dry.

  • Do not dry clean, wash with fabric softeners, bleach or iron.

  • Replace after using for 2 months.